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At AssigNova, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of exceptional packaging solutions that not only elevate your brand but also make a lasting impression on your customers. Our team of experts understands the crucial role that packaging plays in today's competitive market, and we are dedicated to delivering innovative designs and high-quality materials to meet your unique requirements.

Assignova's Packaging Solutions
Assignova's Packaging Solutions
AssigNova's product packaging
AssigNova's product packaging
AssigNova's custom gift packaging
AssigNova's custom gift packaging
  1. Custom Packaging
    We specialize in creating custom packaging solutions that perfectly align with your brand identity and objectives. Our creative team works closely with you to design packaging that not only looks visually appealing but also reflects your brand's values and story.

  • Retail Packaging: Elevate your product presentation with eye-catching retail packaging that entices customers on store shelves.

  • Gift Packaging: Impress and delight your customers with beautiful and unique gift packaging for special occasions and events.

  • Product Display Packaging: Showcase your products with attention-grabbing and informative packaging that boosts sales.

  • Point of Sale (POS) Materials: Create impactful promotional materials like displays, stands, and banners that captivate at the point of purchase.

  • Spatial Packaging: Innovative and customized packaging for large products, furniture, and equipment.

  1. Promotional
    Showcase for Suppliers, Dealers & Hanging Advertising Displays: We provide tailored packaging solutions for suppliers, dealers, and promotional events, including:

  • Supplier & Dealer Kits: Stand out among your competitors with well-designed and branded kits for suppliers and dealers.

  • Hanging Advertising Displays: Grab attention with hanging displays that effectively communicate your brand message.

  1. Material Choices
    AssigNova offers a wide selection of materials to match your packaging requirements, including:

  • Paper & Cardboard: Ideal for retail boxes, gift packaging, and informational inserts.

  • Vinyl & Acrylic: Suitable for product displays, signage, and promotional materials.

  • Silicon & Plastic: Used for protective and flexible packaging solutions.

  • Wood & Metal: Creates a premium and eco-friendly feel for luxury products.

  1. Printing and Engravings
    Our advanced printing and engraving services enable you to add personalized touches and brand elements to your packaging.

  • Offset Printing: Achieve vibrant and consistent prints for large-scale packaging runs.

  • Digital Printing: Flexible and cost-effective solution for small to medium-sized packaging orders.

  • Engravings: Add a touch of sophistication and personalization to metal, wood, and plastic materials.

With AssigNova, you can trust that your packaging needs are in capable hands. Our team will work tirelessly to ensure your packaging not only looks stunning but also protects your products and adds value to your brand. Connect with us today through email at info@assignova.com, call us at +91-9771409835, or reach out on our social media channels.
Let's create packaging that leaves a lasting impression and sets your brand apart!